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Žvejybinė baidarė "Abaco Hi Luxe"

New in the RTM Angler line up, the Abaco, is a labour of love, designed by RTM's fishing guides and an aquatic engineer.

Light, fast and silent, the Abaco, is a modern kayak, with resolutely dynamic lines, inspired lines, inspired from the racing hulls of sail boats. With its 2 recessed areas (front and rear), the Abaco is perfect for long angler trips (1 to 2 days). With well-proportionned weight and dimensions, it is equipped with well placed fittings. The Abaco suts both beginner and experienced anglers, can come fully equipped or you can fit out the kayak to your specifications.

Abaco Luxe

2 1 adjustable footrests set
2 integrated rod holders
1 adjustable rod holder
16 deck line D-rings
8 DRings - 1 buoyancy foam block kit
4 carry handles - 1 drain plug
2 lateral paddle keepers
1 central hatch
1 molded ruler to measure fish
1 4-hole scupper plug kit
2 recessed areas for bag, barrel
1 front hatch cover
2 aluminium lateral tracks
2 rubber stowage pockets
1 ABACO front case
1 rod tube
2 lure boxes (cases)
2 small lure boxes

Abaco Hi Luxe

Luxe Version +
1 adjustable footrests with rudder control
1 rudder kit
Ilgis:420 cmPlotis:72 cm
Aukštis:30 cmSvoris:35,5 kg
Keliamoji galia:180 kgMedžiaga:polietilenas
Komplektacija:su vairo sistema
Galimi maršrutai: Merkys, Šalčia, Visinčia, Vokė, Verseka, Vilnia.

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